We appreciate your interest in renting the Episcopal Cottage for your retreat
or function. The following information may help determine if the Cottage
will meet your needs.
Generally, we have three requirements, namely:
1. a letter of introduction from your parish or church-related group;
2. the payment of one-half of the applicable fees (exclusive of security
deposit & cleaning fee) when you make your reservation; and
3. the balance of your fees at least 30 days in advance of your arrival.
Deposits are refundable until 30 days before your retreat or function.
Otherwise, they are treated as a tax deductible donation to the Cottage.
During the course of your retreat or function, we reserve the right to inspect
the Cottage.
We do not permit smoking. No pets are allowed. The Cottage is not
handicap accessible. There is no television. The telephone is for emergency
use only.
Rentals include kitchen privileges. Our kitchen is fully equipped with a
toaster, microwave, coffee maker, dishwasher, refrigerator and stove. There
are also plenty of dishes, cups and utensils although paper products are
Most rentals are for weekends, but the Cottage can be rented for a single
day. We can accommodate 18 guests overnight. We do not provide linen or
towel service. Guests need to bring their own linens and towels. A full
description of our rooms and facilities is available on our website under
Accommodations at
Most of our rooms are on the second and third floors of the Cottage and have
shared bathrooms. All rooms except one (Room 6 which has a double bed)
have twin beds. Rooms 11 & 12 are singles, all others are doubles. Rooms
1 & 3 have private baths.
Please fill out the appropriate form on the following page to schedule a
retreat or function. Kindly mail it to Paul Cawein, P.O. Box 572,
Chautauqua, New York 14722. You may also contact him by phone at 716-
357-4185 or by email at about use
of the Chapel of Good Shepherd or any other questions. For special use of
facilities on the grounds, contact the Chautauqua Institution directly.
GROUP NAME________________________________________________
CONTACT PERSON____________________________________________
DATE(S) REQUESTED_________________________________________
Please contact the retreat coordinator listed in the rental Policy to check if
the Episcopal Cottage is available on the date(s) you require. Once you have
received confirmation from him, kindly complete the above form. This form
and the applicable fees should be sent to the retreat coordinator. All checks
should be payable to “The Episcopal Cottage of Chautauqua, Inc.” Your
security deposit should be a separate check so that it can be refunded to you
on a timely basis. Note that your application is full acceptance of our rental
Policy and an agreement to abide by its terms.
Weekend(s) – Rental fees are $50.00 per person. If linens and towels are
requested, there is an additional charge of $10.00 per person.
The minimum rental fee is $200.00. One half of the rental
fees are due when you make your reservation. The balance of
the rental fees in addition to a $200.00 security deposit and a
$30.00 cleaning fee must be paid at least 30 days in advance
of your function.
Day(s) – Rental fee for a single day is $150.00. One-half of the rental
fee is due when you make your reservation. The balance of the
rental fee in addition to a $100.00 security deposit and a $20.00
cleaning fee must be paid at least 30 days in advance of your function.

1. Furniture and furnishings returned to their original
2. All windows must be closed.
3. All outside doors locked.
4. Thermostat set at 50 degrees.
5. Refrigerator left empty and clean.
6. Stove left clean.
7. Dishes cleaned and put away.
8. Toilets not left running.
9. Sink faucets turned off (not left dripping).

10. All lights turned off.
11. All waste baskets emptied.
12. All trash taken to the dumpster across from the main gate.