Guests of the Episcopal Cottage are invited to welcoming socials at 4 p.m. on Sundays during the Season at Chautauqua where they can meet and greet others staying there. These socials foster great fellowship among guests of the Episcopal Cottage.


Every Tuesday during the Chautauqua season the Denominational Houses sponsor social events. The Episcopal Cottage sponsors a tea each week hosted by different local Episcopal parishes (see below). The Teas begin at 3 p.m. and everyone is encouraged to attend.

Many visitors from outside the Cottage frequent these teas. The Chaplain is introduced and may have some introductory remarks for those in attendance. Tea, punch, sandwiches, and sweets are served.

Our guests are also invited to attend the social events at other denominational houses on the grounds of the Institution. 

Host Parishes for the 3 pm Teas on Tuesdays at the Episcopal Cottage – 2020 Season :

(Please check back in the Spring. We will post the list as soon as it is available)

Week 1 – June 30, 2020  TBD

Week 2 – July 7, 2020 TBD

Week 3 – July 14, 2020 TBD

Week 4 – July 21, 2020 TBD

Week 5 – July 28, 2020 TBD

Week 6 – August 4, 2020 TBD

Week 7 – August 11, 2020 TBD

Week 8 – August 18, 2020 TBD

Week 9 – August 25, 2020 TBD

Bible Study

Guests of the Cottage and other interested parties gather at 8:30 am on Wednesdays for one hour of Bible study led by the Chaplain during the Chautauqua Season.